WNA1100-RL: Wireless USB Adapter


The M480 Remote iPad App along with the Roland Wireless Connect Adapter allows you to remotely adjust mixing parameters on stage or around the room, away from the M-480 positioned at the front of house. By connecting Roland's new Wireless Connect USB adapter to the M-480 USB port on the right side of the console, the M-480 appears on a wireless network enabling the iPad to connect and control the M-480. The application is designed to control parameters of the M-480 allowing the user to store scenes, edit various Channel Strip (EQ), GEQ, PEQ and Sends on Fader to name a few.

The hardware portion of Roland Wireless Connect is a simple, compact wireless USB adapter (WNA1100-RL) that plugs into the USB A-style port on the right side of the Roland M-480 V-Mixer. In order for the iPad to communicate with the M-480, you can setup a point to point ad-hoc network or use a wireless LAN access point (router).

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