RG-100: Valósidejű Grafikai Prezentor

Valósidejű Grafikai Prezentor


The RG-100 is an all-in-one visual editor and player that imports high-quality stills, manipulates them in real-time and outputs via the XGA port. Through the easy-to-use interface, which shares the XGA output, the user simply drags-and drops still pictures, text, 2-D/3-D transitions, audio, and even MIDI content onto a timeline. The result is instantaneous, pristine XGA graphics and stereo audio.

The RG-100 has a built in scheduler. In addition, the unit is also controllable via the rear RS-232 port or control I/O terminals. It is also equipped with a memory card slot for data import/export. The RG-100 is ideal for display installations of any size wanting to show content at the higher display rates native to most plasma/LCD/projector display technology.

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  • VGA (1,024 x 768 pixels) video output
  • Built-in Editor software for making contents
  • Built-in Scheduler software for managing program timer
  • Memory card slot for data import
  • Remote control through rear terminals or RS-232C
  • Stereo audio track

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RG-100 Edit Screen
Editor Screen

RG-100 Scheduler  Screen
Scheduler Screen


High resolution output
Ideal for video contents shown on large-sized display devices (plasma or projected)

Small quantity of materials can produce high quality video result
With just a few jpeg files you can quickly create rich, moving visual contents. Add characters (text), logos (stamp), and music (audio & MIDI) at the same time.

Easy to use Editor
A wide variety of preset effects pre-installed. Impressive and dynamic effects like 3D Transition.Drag & drop materials from palette to timeline. No waiting time. Preview result in full screen mode thanks to realtime rendering.

Scheduler software
Set up daily and/or weekly schedules with the built-in Scheduler software.

Remote control through RS-232C or Control Input/Output Terminals
Trigger a specific movie file remotely.Choose a specific movie file from the library via the front buttons.

Complete stand-alone package
Do it all from material import to content delivery in a single unit.

Reasonable, cost-effective equipment
Very low maintenance compares to computer system control.


  • Advertising in public areas (malls, signboards, church/school foyers)
  • Information at airport and train station
  • Automatic guidance at museums
  • Billboard for event and showroom visitors
  • Signboard at school and church





Compressed ZIP file RG-100 Images


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PDF file RG-100 Block Diagram
Compressed ZIP file RG-100 Dimensions DXF
PDF file RG-100 Owner's Manual
PDF file RG-100 Brochure