P-1: Fénykép/Audió/MIDI Lejátszó

Egy kiváló eszköz vizuális előadásokhoz, hanglejátszás és MIDI lejátszási funkcióval


The P-1 is an incredible new photo player for visual performance, audio & MIDI playback.
Audio can also be linked to picture files, allowing the P-1 to playback appropriate music or commentary for the selected image. The P-1 has both line & mic input, allowing the user to record audio directly into the P-1. Pictures can also be loaded directly into the P-1 from the PC memory card or via USB, allowing you to quickly import pictures from your digital camera for your performance or presentation.

Built-in title maker
The P-1 has a built in virtual keyboard for creating titles. You can key them over your pictures for captions, announcements, names of performers, and any other purpose - all without the need of a computer.

Support for MP3 and MIDI
The P-1 supports both MP3 and MIDI. The VariPhrase technology allows you to freely and independently control the tempo and pitch of MP3 playback. It includes a tempo control knob for adjusting the playback speed in real time, and images can be triggered in time with the sequence for a more impressive performance. This lets you modify the character of the music appropriately for your situation. The P-1 is also ideal as a MIDI sequence player.

Using the P-1 with the V-1
The P-1 and the V-1 4-channel video mixer are the same size and follow the same design concept. By using the P-1 in conjunction with the V-1 you can overlay titles on live scenes of the performance.

MP3 and SMF player
With the VariPhrase technology you can change the tempo of MP3 without affecting the pitch, or make fine adjustments to the pitch without changing the tempo.

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PDF file P-1 Block Diagram
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