AR-200S: Közleménybemondó rendszer RS-232C Interfésszel

1/2 rack széles és 1U magas digitális audió felvevő/lejátszó RS-232C vezérlési funkcióval


The AR-200S records and plays back audio from solid state memory for installations that require reliability and flexible control options. With no moving parts and RSS by Roland’s legendary quality, the AR-200S is designed to provide reliable playback for the most demanding applications. Its 1/2 rack design provides a small footprint for compact and mobile applications.

The AR-200S is a very affordable way to provide reliable audio playback or recording using RS-232c control. In addition to RS-232c, the AR-200S can be controlled using contact closures and internal playlists. As part of the industry standard AR series, it offers the highest quality and most reliable audio playback on the market today.

Theme parks, museums, elevators, airports, buses, trains and trams are just some of the installations that can benefit from the AR-200S’s high quality, up to 130 hours of recording time. The AR-200S is perfect for educational narratives, background music, safety and warning messages, public transportation addresses, directional messages, broadcast station ID’s, news and sports intros, applause and laugh tracks, and any number of applications where continuous message playing is needed.

Industry standard in sound quality and long recording times
The AR-200S offers the industry standard in high quality sound with up to 48 kHz linear recording and playback. Users can select from 48kHz, 44.1 kHz, 32 kHz, 22.05 kHz, 16 kHz and 8 kHz sampling rates. For longer recording times the AR-200S also provides the latest Roland Digital Audio Coding (RDAC) technology, which requires less memory with virtually no loss of sound quality and up to 130 hours of recorded audio. The AR-200S has a Compact Flash card slot and uses inexpensive Compact Flash cards. Up to 500 phrases can be stored on each offering high quality playback with the reliability of no moving parts.

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Many Sophisticated Audio Functions
The AR-200S also offers many sophisticated audio playback functions such as cross-fade looping of phrases for sound effects, onboard EQ, and automatic ducking of external audio inputs. The AR-200S is designed to have no front panel user interaction in the field, so many of the phrase functions can to be programmed using an AR-3000 or the free ARE-3000 software.

Automatic “Ducking” of external audio inputs make the AR series perfect for background music and messaging applications
Rear panel line inputs can be used to combine external audio signals (like FM broadcasts or CD playback) and phrases played back on the AR-200S. The incoming audio signal level can be automatically lowered or “ducked” during phrase playback to a user selectable level. This makes the AR a natural for any retail, theme park or other application requiring background music with periodic public messaging.

Free Editing and Configuration Software
The AR-200S can play back phrases that have been edited using the playlist and control functions managed from the front panel of the AR-3000. In addition, the free ARE-3000 editing software also allows easy programming of internal playlists, organization of list functions, control out protocol and other phrase control functions. The ARE software will also import or export .WAV files to an AR-200S card for fast program assembly and editing.

The AR-200S is the most affordable way to provide audio playback using RS-232c control, contact closures or playlists. As part of the AR line it offers the highest sound quality and most flexible control options on the market today!

Industry standard for reliable stereo/dual mono playback with no moving parts
No user front panel interface for secure installations

24bit/48kHz audio phrases and up to 130 hours of high quality RDAC coding
Industry leader in sound quality and long recording times.

Flexible External Control Functions and Sophisticated Internal Playlists
The AR-200S is the industry leader in flexible control options.
It’s easy to configure phrase playback for any application.

External Audio Ducks during Phrase Playback to User Selectable Level
Great way to integrate messages with background music.

Phrase Features include Equalization, and Cross-Fade Looping
Important features for sound effects playback in themed environments.

Free Playlist Editing and .WAV file Conversion Software
Convenient way to load an AR with computer-produced audio and configure playlists and control options.

Uses inexpensive Compact Flash memory
Cost effective storage for hours of recording and playback time with no moving parts


Theme parks, all themed environments
Very inexpensive way to provide RS-232c control of recording and playback
Reliable, no moving part playback makes for secure, problem-free installations.
Crossfade looping and other advanced features are perfect for environmental sound effects.
12v operation for vehicle and outdoor installations

Restaurants and retail establishments for messages and special announcements
AR series ducks background music when a message is played.

Flexible control options provide easy ways to trigger sounds.

Messages for satellite music delivery applications
Automatic ducking of external audio makes the AR-200S perfect for background music delivery systems.

Phone messages on hold
Reliable playback with no moving parts and no sound degradation over time as found in cassette-based systems.
Easy to load new message files using free ARE software.





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Compressed ZIP file AR-Series Card Data Editor v2.0
AR Series Card Editor for WindowsVista / WindowsXP
Compressed ZIP file AR-200S System Software Update Version 2.0
Compressed ZIP file AR-200S Images


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PDF file AR-200S Block Diagram
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PDF file AR Card Editor Manual
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