SI-AD4 : Digital Snake 4-Csatornás Analóg Bemeneti Modul

4-Csatornás Analóg Bemeneti Modul


High Quality Pre-amps on each input channel in an analog system, low-level microphone signals are boosted using a mic preamp only after the long, arduous journey down the analog snake. For this reason it’s difficult to avoid degradation and cross talk. The S-4000S-3208 is equipped with high quality and remote controllable XR-1 pre-amps that boost the input gain right at the microphone, where the highest quality signal is found. This ensures that your audio will sound its best. And of course once the signal is in digital form, it is immune to analog cabling losses. The XR-1 pre-amp has been specially designed for live audio applications and is made of high quality components carefully selected by Roland’s engineers.

*Input and Output Modules are not user installable. Installation must be carried out by an authorized Roland Service Technician.

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Compressed ZIP file S-4000 I/O Card Dimensions DXF
PDF file SI-AD4 / SO-DA4 Installation Manual
PDF file Digital Snake System Brochure