CG-8: Vizuális Szintetizátor

3D mozgóanimációk készítése állóképek felhasználásával - Valósidejű kontrollálással


The CG-8 Visual Synthesizer brings the same revolutionary creative possibilities to the visual artists of today that the music synthesizer brought to musicians in the 70’s. The CG-8 takes simple JPG and PNG images and synthesizes them through cutting edge visual effects and modulators to create stunning real-time moving visual creations. The CG-8 uses an intuitive, easy to use interface of pads, control knobs, X-Y Pad and the revolutionary D-Beam to allow the artist to manipulate and perform visuals in real-time. The CG-8 makes video content creation available to those not experienced with high end computer based motion graphics software packages. Now VJs, churches, corporate AV companies, schools, web designers and video producers can create stunning motion graphics and creative moving logo treatments easier than ever before – and perform them live!

logo_club CG-8 Wins Best Video Product for 2006 awared by Club Systems International.

Több Infó

Variety of effects and controllable parameters
The CG-8 features more than 260 dramatic effects and a variety of parameters such as X/Y/Z 3D dimension, Color, or Speed. With these features, you can create amazing moving images from still images easily and quickly.

Up to 128 patches per project
Save all the elements and manipulative effects associated with a single image in a patch for instant recall during the performance.

Overlay moving images and title images
The CG-8 is capable of 2 layers of 3D motion images
and title images.

Tactile Real-time Control Surface
The CG-8 is equipped with 16 pads to trigger visuals instantly plus infra-red D-Beam and XY pad to manipulate visuals further.

cg8_inuseTrigger Effects and Parameter Changes from the Audio Input
The CG-8’s visuals can be controlled by and synced to an audio source. The Internal Microphone or Line input can detect frequent peaks which will animate real-time changes to the visuals.

MIDI and V-Link Controllable
With MIDI and V-LINK capability, the CG-8 can be externally controlled by a familiar device such as a keyboard controller, V-Synth or V-Drums.


Video Format
VGA 640 x 480
Supported TV System
Number of colors
16.7 million colors (24bit full color) (value is approximate)
RGB output
HD DB-15 type
Video output
S-Video output 4-pin mini DIN type (Y: 1.0Vp-p, C:0.286Vp-p, 75ohm), Composite RCA phono type (1.0Vp-p, 75ohm)
Number of Effects
Photo: over 200 types, Overlay: over 60 types
Number of Patches
up to 128 patches per project
Number of Photos
up to 48 JPEG files (512 x 384)
Number of Stamps
Stamp: up tp 16 PNG files (512 x 256)
Storage Device
Internal Hard Disk Drive (for system program and data storage)
5-pin DIN type (In, Out/Thru)
Foot switch
1/4 inch phone type
Line input
1/4 inch phono type (L,R)
Power Supply
AC 117V, AC 230V, AC 240V (50/60Hz), AC 220V (60Hz)
Power Consumption
Card reader, AC cable, Owner's manual
Edirol PCR series, Roland V-Synth, Roland V-Drums series, Roland PM-128-CF (CompactFlash)
Size and Weight
453 mm
17-7/8 inches
323 mm
12-3/4 inches
108 mm
4-1/4 inches
5.8 kg
12 lbs. 13 oz.
*The specifications are subject to change without notice.


VJ Jon Hudson Visualizes via Video

VJ Jon Hudson Visualizes via Video

Expressive art ignites both the mind and emotions. As art mediums evolve and one medium melts into another the unexpected explodes. Gear designed to facilitate unpredicted creative eruptions - roars. Részletek

VJ Culture (Grant Davis)

VJ Culture (Grant Davis)

VJ artist Grant Davis (aka. VJ Culture from Dimension 7 and Lumens in San Fancisco) regularly uses his Roland Systems Group (RSG) products, including the V-4, DV-7PR , PR-50 , PR-80 and CG-8 for his light based visual art around the world. Részletek



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