Roland VC-30HD Firmware frissítés lehetővé teszi három kimenet egyidejű használatát

Amsterdam, 2011 – At IBC show, Roland Systems Group announced a firmware update that adds support for three simultaneous output streams through IEEE 1394 and USB ports. The VC-30HD, an innovative video converter for web streaming and recording combines analog audio and video signals and converts to MPEG-2 for live streaming and archiving.  Support for three simultaneous outputs through two IEEE1394 ports and one USB port opens up many configuration options to users such as connecting to two different computers for web streaming and backup while also recording to Blu-ray.

The VC-30HD is a multi-input video converter device that accepts HDMI, Component, composite, S-Video, Firewire, and digital or analog audio via RCA, XLR, and AES-EBU. The VC-30HD can be selected to convert to DV, HDV, or MPEG-2 formats.  The VC-30HD combines the converted audio and video sources and outputs to up to two Firewire streams and a USB Audio/video stream making it convenient for archiving to Blu-ray and web streaming through a content delivery network.

Some of the applications where VC-30HD can be used include:
  • An import capture device for NLE’s on both Mac and PC Platforms.
  • Converting and combining audio and video content from different source for live web streaming.
  • Archiving video and audio content live to Blu-ray via the JVC Blu-ray recorder.
  • Recording content to a video deck, DVD recording or portable field recorder such the Roland F-1.
The VC-30HD can be also be used as a firewire bridge communication device between computers with NLE’s and stand alone Blu-ray recorder or between two computers who want to share content without going through a network.  The VC-30HD can be used for live production, post production, web streaming or any application that requires a firewire or USB host connection between devices.

The VC-30HD firmware 1.020 will be available mid September.
PDF file press_091111_vc30hd_firmware.pdf